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Ryan Searles

11th National School Response Conference Topic
February 19, 2019 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Active Shooter


In this day and age it’s past the point of saying it won’t happen here it won’t happen to us.  This course was designed to prepare schools for a response to an Active Shooter Emergency. This is an age appropriate response that all schools can utilize to mitigate loss of life.  The course was developed to give the people at point of impact the complimentary civilian response to the most used Law Enforcement Response in the nation. That way the first responder community and the individuals at the location of the shooting are responding in the best manner and cohesive way possible.

Topics Covered

*Active Shooter Definition
*Active Shooter Events
*Conditioning the Mind & Body to Stress

(important for students to be conditioned)

*Drills and Rehearsals
*Lockdown & Lockout

*The ABC’s of Active Shooter ResponseTM

                   ACT, BLOCK, CHALLENGE®

*When Police and EMS Arrive