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11th National School Response Conference Topic
February 20, 2019 | 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Digital Threat Assessment: How Publicly Available Social Media Can Be Utilized and Assessed to Ensure Safe Schools

by Sam Jingfors

The clear majority of recent school violence attacks have had precursors leaked online in the form of social media posts. Knowing when, where and and how to look for this critical information is the current challenge we face and it is one that we will thoroughly address. There are simple and free online tools and techniques that all those responsible for ensuring the safety in your schools need to be using on a regular basis. Given our role in actively assisting school districts and police across North America, there will not be a more up-to-date presentation in terms of accessing social media.

We will cover the challenges that frontline investigators and school staff currently face including anonymous online threats, sexting and sextortion, swatting and doxing, geolocational utilities as well as dangers, image verification of fire arms and suicidal imagery, and searching Instagram by school location. Every school safety issue in 2017 now involves social media: Are you prepared?