12th NSRC | February 16-17, 2020 | Learn More

Safe Schools Training & Security Against School Violence

safe schools training

We are delighted to present you the various Sponsorship Opportunities for “School Pandemic Outbreak & Resiliency” and “School Safety & School Violence“.  This conference has been established as one of the premier conferences dedicated to safe schools training. During the past year they have highlighted real-time tests on preparedness with emphasis on all aspects of prevention, protection, response and recovery. Major issues happening inside the school community is the focus of the conference. Hundreds of senior business executives, federal government and school community leaders will have the opportunity to network and recognize key factors for a campus safety and assess other campus security programs and needs.

Get ready for an educational and high-voltage experience! Along with being inspired by an impressive array of speakers representing the latest initiatives of pandemic outbreaks & school safety taking place in our school communities nationwide, you will have ample time to network, share information, and enjoy the company of one another throughout the conference program.

National School Response Conference is the first practical conference to highlight the first real-time test on local school’s pandemic outbreaks, school safety security issues, and domestic preparedness in the aspect of prevention, protection, response, and recovery. Our schools resiliency plan on major issues happening inside the School Community such as School Safety & Security and Pandemics is the focus of the NSRC.

Stamp out school disasters in all its forms, whether man-made or natural. Attend this conference and learn the critical elements for building effective protection, prevention and response school safety and student security programs. Secure your slot and join other institutions like yours to respond to these threats on human, physical, and cyber assets for emergencies that range from natural disasters to acts of violence.

What to Learn

  1. Identify campus security and youth violence trends and issues.
  2. Identify contributors to school and youth violence in the community.
  3. Identify early warning signs and opportunities for improvement of campus safety and security.
  4. Identify effective best practices from other campuses, colleges, and universities.
  5. Distinguish roles and responsibilities necessary for an effective campus safety and security program.  Assess each campuses security needs.
  6. Recognize key success factors for a campus safety and security program.
  7. Bring local perspectives into a national context on campuses.  A website with session audio and PowerPoint slides from all presenters and guests, who approved the sharing of their materials, as well as final exhibitor information, is available online to all participants after the conference.  Take advantage of the key learning opportunities presented at the session long after its conclusion.

campus safety

We have an event app wherein you can network with all attendees and vendors, share contacts, and other social media activities.

We have 10 permanent staff who will manage the forum and exhibition space for you. This conference will have:

  1. Expected senior business executives, government officials, & the medical community and first responders from a defined target audience within this market.
  2. Government leaders, critical infrastructure councils, first responders, medical & scientific experts, military,justice & law experts,information technology guru, media, and recognized world leaders on public health will speak in this conference.
  3. Two- day in length which is sufficient to network, discuss relevant topics and share ideas.
  4. All table displays/booth will include free of charge conference delegate pass to ensure that the exhibit personnel have access toevery area of the event and all event functions.
  5. Free of charge Wireless Broadband Internet access inside the function.
  6. All Delegate Refreshment Breaks take place inside the conference function and exhibition and are in total one hour to ensure delegates have sufficient time to properly visit your booth and exchange contact details. The Forum’s Delegate Lunch will also take place inside the same of place of the forum.

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