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School Safety Plan

School Safety Plan

Acquire and develop habits and attitudes of prevention and personal and collective safety throughout the School Community, in the face of emergency situations that threaten their physical and psychological integrity, in a way that allows them to get out of it and avoid causing the least possible harm. Each educational establishment supposes to have a comprehensive school safety plan, with preventive standards in addition to those that allow safe evacuation of the entire School Community.

In the case of an Integral Plan, it includes the displacement of the entire community to a safe area following an emergency alert, such as fire, bomb threat, earthquakes, or any other cause that recommends the mobilization of all the people in that area. Could be in the establishment.

Schools should have a detailed program of all preventive actions, implicit in a plan, whose main objective is to ensure the physical integrity of all people who develop their activities within the school. For all cases of emergencies, it has been determined as a safety zone.

It is also specified that school should take into account the actual particular needs related to the service performed or the organizational peculiarities in relation to the Armed Forces and Police, the Fire Department, the rescue public and civil defense, civil protection services, as well as within the judicial, penitentiary structures, those intended for institutional purposes to the activities of the bodies with tasks in matters of public order and security, schools, institutions

of higher education, institutions of high artistic and dancing education, educational and educational institutions of all levels… This school safety plan corresponds to a set of activities and procedures and allocation of responsibilities, in which all those persons that make up the School must participate.

The rules of prevention and safety must be known and applied in all daily activities that will help to control the risks to which the School Community is exposed.

The diffusion and instruction of the procedures of the Plan must be to all the estates (teachers, students, representatives and assistants of the education), for its correct interpretation and application.

Therefore, a school is in effect a workplace, in which the teaching, administrative and auxiliary staff work, but there are also students present that the standard equates to the worker.


The roles of the school security plan in schools

As already mentioned, the students are considered equal to the worker, while the teaching staff, as constituted by subjects which carry out an activity of control and supervision on the school activities, covers the role that is typical of the person in charge. Finally, the head teacher plays the role of an employer.

As in all companies or production units, even within a school must be present the Workers’ Representative who will be elected or appointed within the teaching staff or among the administrative staff. Regarding the figure of the Head of Prevention and Protection Service, the assignment can be held by an internal or external person.

To constitute the emergency management team, on the other hand, the components can be identified within the auxiliary, administrative or teaching staff.


The risks within a school

Given the type of activity that takes place within it, a school has the types of risk that are typical of places with high density of crowding. Not only that but in this case, there is a further parameter that greatly influences the risk assessment: the age of the pupils who are often minors, when not even infants.

Therefore, the fire risk and those related to infrastructure are certainly among the most influential. To these must be added those related to the use of video terminals and related work stress. For an effective evaluation, do not forget those institutes where the students are trained in laboratories that may involve the presence of Chemical or biological risks.

The evacuation test that must be carried out periodically and perhaps several times throughout the year is of fundamental importance for an effective training both in the management of the emergency and in the safe abandonment of the premises.


School Security Committee

It is a work team in charge of the management, organization and execution of plans and prevention and safeguarding of the school community in emergencies.


Security Practices

The School Safety Plan includes carrying out evacuation practices before Fire, Earthquake or other Emergencies Operation.


General Disposition

  1. All classrooms, workshops, laboratories, and offices should have their doors in a position to be opened easily and outward.
  2. The telephone numbers of Firemen, police, civil service men and Hospital must be located in a visible place in the Secretary of Management.
  3. Teachers, students, administrative and auxiliary personnel must know the Evacuation Routes and get used to the assigned location in the Safety Zone. This message should be conveyed to the awareness of all members of the educational community and general tests carried out without prior notice.
  4. In strategic locations, plans will be installed indicating the location of the Security Zones. On each floor and in each classroom will indicate the evacuation routes and the Security Zone to which the respective courses must attend at the time of an emergency.
  5. The Safety Areas and Evacuation Routes of each corresponding pavilion and rooms will be determined based on the characteristics of the establishment.



Work Of Staff Of The School In General

  • Complete the task assigned by the School Safety Committee.
  • Attend to the emergency and perform the functions that were entrusted to them, collaborating in the maintenance of calm and keeping their direct leaders informed.
  • Personnel who have the responsibility to cut off power supplies (electricity, gas, heaters, or any source of fuel or energy supplies) must quickly locate at these locations and wait for the order to cut supplies.


Work Of The Head Teachers

  • Designate two students in charge of opening the door of their classroom. Both will be called Security Monitors.
  • Perform at least two rehearsals during the year, during the Course Council hours, leading students to the assigned Safety Zone, emphasizing the order they must maintain during this operation.
  • If the emergency occurs during a recess, you will go to the place assigned to your course.


Work Of The Course Teachers

  • In the event of a shock and earthquake, the teacher in the course will order to open the door to the students in charge. Students should move away from the windows, standing in the corridors of the room, maintaining calmness as the tremor passes.
  • Keep calm and do not leave the room until it is given the order of evacuation(A touch of the siren or permanent bell).
  • Given the order of evacuation, the teacher will make the course go out in an orderly manner, walking quickly through the center of the corridor, away from the windows, without running, without speaking or shouting. The teacher will be the last to leave.
  • Accompanied it to place designate following the ways of evacuation, with the Book of Classes.
  • Once in the Security Zone, the teacher will proceed to pass the list.
  • If the emergency occurs during a recess, as well direct to assigned place or his course to help in the order of the students.

You should never evacuate if you do not give evacuation order with siren touch, except in case of localized fire.

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