How Principals, School Resource Officials and School Security Officers can work Effectively Together

Examines the roles of the School Resource Officer and the School Security Officer and how they work in conjunction with the Building Administrator to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

Having school security is primarily a prevention strategy. The whole concept is one of stopping trouble before it happens in order to maintain a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment for all.
School Security Officers (SSOs) are generally defined as those non-commissioned individuals employed by a school district, either as classified or contracted employees, to manage safety and security programs on school campuses. School Resource Officers (SROs), by contrast, are defined as commissioned law enforcement officers typically employed by law enforcement agencies and assigned to work in schools as part of an agreement with a school district. Whether your district employs an SRO or an SSO the material presented below will help to assist you, the Building Principal, to know the roles, duties and responsibilities of your security personnel and assist you in supervising their activities. If you do not employ either of these positions, the material will help you to understand what your role should be in providing for a safe and secure learning environment.

It is important to keep in mind that should a criminal activity occur on your campus. It is the police that are in charge and your role is to assist them in the completion of their duties.

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