Cheryl Spittler is an experienced professional developer and teacher with 20 years of classroom experience. She has her B.S. in Secondary Education (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), M. Ed. In Curriculum and Instruction (Wayne State University). Currently, she is a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in K-12 Instruction from Grand Canyon University. Cheryl holds certifications in Franklin Covey’s Speed of Trust, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, AWR 148: Crisis Management for School Based Incidents- Partnering Rural Law Enforcement and the Local School Systems, Incident Command System 100, and is an expert in school climate, bullying, behavior and instructional management.

Since beginning work with school climate and safety, Ms. Spittler has had the unique opportunity of presenting at school safety and problem-oriented policing conferences across the country regarding her heartfelt passion of building a positive school climate and the impact school climate has on school safety. Ms. Spittler served as a resource regarding insights related to the January 2016 release of the “Report on the Arapahoe High School Shooting: Lessons Learned on Information Sharing, Threat Assessment, and Systems Thinking”. In addition to school climate and safety conferences, she has trained thousands of school bus drivers in behavior management for front line personnel. Articles published include: Relationship skills are essential for maintaining school safety, Getting parents involved and engaged at school, The school climate continuum: 4 Habits that can quickly improve school culture, and Creating cultures of accessibility, compliance, and equity.