Sam is the Director of Services for Safer Schools Together and delivers safe school related trainings for the organization. He manages the fast-paced Safer Schools Together Social Media Team and is the lead developer and trainer of the “Digital Threat Assessment” Training day that has been delivered across North America. As a supplement to Threat Assessment files and Trauma Response work, Sam collects open source information and social media data for high profile school related files throughout Canada and the United States.

Sam comes from a background in the study of criminal behaviour and has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Simon Fraser University. Having spent a large part of his life living overseas in South and South-East Asia, he has a keen interest in the dynamic role that intelligence plays in the current geo-political world climate, as well as the ongoing balancing act of national security and information privacy. In 2006 he secured an internship with the International Law Enforcement Agency (ILEA) and received training from the FBI.

Sam spent over five years working on the front line of the Surrey School District in their Safe Schools Department responding to emergent safety and security issues around the entire district. He also worked as an outreach worker with the federally funded WRAP Program for youth at-risk of gang involvement. In this department, he was responsible for providing supplementary support to the RCMP on social media and online related files and investigations.

Sam spent a number of months in a field practice setting with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – Gang Task Force as they fulfilled their mandate of preventing, suppressing and intervening on criminal gang and organized crime activity. To this day he maintains a Reliability RCMP security clearance. Along with a Sergeant of the Gang Unit, Sam coauthored a research article on Gang homicides in British Columbia from 2003-2013 that was published in the Journal of Gang Research.