Who We Are:

Founded in 2011, Prep and Save specializes in serving customers with many brands of great preparedness type products with affordable and convenient delivery.

Customer Service Excellence:

My responsibilities for the past 3 years is to exhibit, teach and encourage to all Schools, Businesses, Cities, Churches, Medical Facilities and Homes the urgency of getting prepared for a possible emergency.
I speak with dozens of customers every day and I listen to their needs and desires. I am passionate about the safety of everyone as well as my customer service. Let me prove it to you!

Prep and Save retail stores: based in Reno/Sparks, Nevada, Upland, CA and soon to open in Roseville, CA

Here at Stores and on PrepAndSave.com, I strongly believe that we need to do more to help people prepare for unexpected disasters. We feature unique, specialized products to help our customers endure and survive in the event of an emergency. Whether it is from an earthquake, storm, fire or power disasters, we have the products necessary for restoring basic necessities and a few comforts during the crisis.

Website: www.prepandsave.com