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Join us, together with the great array of speakers for the annual National School Response Conference 2017, in bringing the school resiliency plan against school violence, and the core of emergency response in the school setting. Describe new techniques and methods to address challenges in responding to school health and emergencies. Honor the significant contributions of the country and local government leaders plus the volunteers. Get practical program ideas of the Best Practices from the 2016 experience. Be updated to the US Law on campus security and other initiatives relating to school safety & responding during crisis management.

What to Learn

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Threat Assessment: Social media and other electronic means and rumors
  • Identify campus security and youth violence trends and issues
  • Identify contributors to school and youth violence in the community
  • Identify early warning signs and opportunities for improvement of campus safety and security
  • Identify effective best practices from other campuses, colleges and universities
  • Distinguish roles and responsibilities necessary for an effective campus safety and security program Assess each campus security needs
  • Classroom Management and Assessment
  • Recognize key success factors for a campus safety and security program
  • Bring local perspectives into a national context on campuses. A website with session audio and PowerPoint slides from all presenters and guests, who approved the sharing of their materials, as well as final exhibitor information, is available online to all participants after the conference. Take advantage of the key learning opportunities presented at the session long after its conclusion.

Who Should Attend

  • Risk Managers
  • Parents & Community Leaders
  • Student Affairs Professionals
  • First Responders
  • Campus Safety Personnel
  • Psychological & Mental Health Professionals
  • Human Resource
  • Facilities Officers
  • Health & Safety Education Consultants
  • General Counsel
  • Business Officers
  • School Safety and Security Officer